Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Say Cheese (Wi cheese of course!)

Grandma & Grandpa Littlefield came to visit

Lets start with Friday. Grandma and Grandpa couldn't get here fast enough for the kids! They were VERY excited. I am glad they made the trip but at the same time I worried about Rod. I know the trip wore him out. But---its all the kids talked about that he DID make the trip. Morgan asked a lot of questions this weekend and I think she feels better getting to talk to Karen.

We started making our list of what we are going to get people for Christmas. I can tell you this they have come up with some great ideas!

We have tons of apples and a huge THANK YOU for bringing them from WI. Morgan & I plan to put some more in the freezer tonight. I need to find out how to make apple butter. She asked and I am clueless!

Enjoy the pictures


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1943 "3985" Train comes to Columbus

Bryan & Morgan had the chance to see a 1943 train as it came through Columbus yesterday. Here is the video link to the local newspaper. You can even see the kids a couple of times. They had a BLAST! At first neither one wanted to go but as soon as the train arrived they changed their minds!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorry its been so long...

FIRST...a big THANK YOU to my sister Kathy. She is so smart on changing the backgrounds:) Thanks Kat!!

Well where to start:

Bryan: He is loving school and is excited to have Wisconsin as his class report. He doesn't give his report till December 1st so he is thinking of bringing something back from WI when we come back from deer season. He was busy this weekend cleaning out the grain bin as soon Tom (our neighbor) will be hauling grain to it.

Morgan: She deceided that since it was the last weekend of summer that swimming was on tap for her and Paul. They dragged out the pool and spent most of the weekend in it...yep forgot to get pictures! She was a bit upset we sold one of the rams, but I explained we can't keep all the animals. She is exceling in dance and this year has added tap. She has such natural grace (unlike her mother who STILL can trip over sunlight through an open window)

Paul: He is a BIG BOY now. With pre-school and everything there isn't a thing he can't do. He told me this weekend he was to big for naps. Well last night as I tucked him in he said to me, "I might need a nap with Dad tomorrow, or I will get crabby and tired or worse exhausted!" I tried not to laugh. A big word for a little kid but he know the meaning of it!

This week is TACKLE THE TOY ROOM WEEK!!!! Rod & Karen will be here on Friday and I want it very clean for Rod. He is doing great, sounded a bit tired but this upcoming week is a chemo free week so his strength will be back for the weekend. Just hope the kids don't zap it:)

Love to all!