Saturday, June 4, 2011

Showers=happy flowers

For so long I thought NO MORE RAIN...we had weeks with rain & low temps and my plants were starting to mold and turn yellow. We have had a few days of sunshine & high temps, though it looks like more rain is on the way. I spent the afternoon working on my garden & flower beds (Grandma DeLeeuw would be so proud!). When we first bought this place Grandma was upset for the lack of trees & beds. Everything has been placed with her pre-approved blessing-now if she could just keep the weeds out from Heaven that would be great! The first spring she bought us a tree. The second year she said 1 appel tree wasn't enought and bought us a second. This tree is now 7 years old & for the first time was full of blossoms. Mike & I just went to look at it and lost count after 4 doz. little apples growing. It is a Cortland, one of my favorite apples. Papa had asked for some picks of some of my flowers. The Iris bed started with some from Mom & then I added the purple & whtie from a friend of mine. The peonies have been here for more years than we can count. The buds yet to bloom that look pink is what we call the Morrison Rose. Its a piece off my Grandma Morrison's rose bush. As I type Mike & Bryan are removing the protective fence off the apple trees. Tonight Bryan will start to paint is B-52 he is putting together for the County Fair. Morgan has a harness for the rabbit Cotton (in one of the pics) She will be taking her to the fair & has been working with her everynight. Paul is excited just to be in 4H and said he would take whatever we tell him to (bet that doesn't last long!) The older two have their calves and sheep along with the broilers that arrived on Thursday and their fancy hens. Enjoy the pics...I hear a "Hey Mom..." coming from outside. ~Sue