Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paul having fun

Who parked their camper in my "field"?

Memorial Day

The kids just "hanging out"...I was impressed how long they could hang from my closeline...

Morgan in the wild oats

Morgan Graduates from Kindergarten!

Thursday the 15th found our little girl putting on a cap and gown and moving on to 1st Grade! It was a fun program and yep...I cried. When you see these little kids in caps and gowns and being told this is the class of 2020 it seems so far away but it will be here before we know it! She had the choice of dinner that night so we ate at the Eagles Nest in Surprise and yes she kept her cap on...

(some pictures by Bryan as I had the video camera going)


On Saturday May 17th Bryan & I went on an adventure to get his 4-H calf. "3188" as he is known for now is 3/4 Holstien 1/4 Jersey and follows Bryan everywhere. Enjoy the pics. This year he is a bucket calf project and next year he is a feeder calf project. My Dad suggested we name him "BBQ" :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More from that special day...

Bryan & Father Dave. He really enjoyed his religion class with Father. He was good explaining to Bryan the difference between the Catholic and Lutheran Religion's.

Bryan's 1st Communion

SHAME ON ME!! I got all the other pics on until Sherry (Thank you by the way) asked where the 1st Communion pics were...Here you go...he looks so cute in his suit!
Here is the entire 2nd grade class (42 in all!)

Before haircut...and after

Can't Forget Paul:)

Out with Mike looking for new lambs

Morgan's Dance

She was so pretty...I can't believe our little girl has grown up so much. We were talking how much a school year can change a kid. Her first dance class she was nervous and now she can't wait to get there and was sad to know the year was done! Next year she wants to take one more class and this summer she is set for 2 dance camps. She begged and I gave in!

Morgan's hair

Morgan's hair before her first dance performance...

Mike's old truck

His truck was donated for a drill for the Rising City Volunteer Fire Department...thanks honey:)

Bryan being loaded to go

THIS WAS JUST A DRILL...sorry for the panic of some. Found out the post explaining doesn't pop up till AFTER the picture...

Bryan & Train

We held a disaster drill in Rising City that involved a variety of different agencies. Bryan was on of the "Critical". He was transported from the scene to Columbus Community Hospital. He said he had a blast and wants to do more! The scene worked out to be a pickup loaded with kids that gets hit by the train...