Monday, December 29, 2008

Mars Birthday Cake

Grandma doesn't look to happy to have her picture taken! Here is Bryan with his cake from yesterday. They made a "Mars" cake. I think those are aliens on the cake. Bryan asked if I would make chocolate chip cookies so I will make them tomorrow night so they are fresh.

Bryan, Gareth & Logan
He loves the sounds that come from it!

On of my fav's of the 3 of them

SO proud of his new tractor!

He was 3 in this picture and had just got himself stuck in the mud

Bryan turns 9!

This past spring

Does it seem possible that our oldest is 9? He called me early yesterday morning to tell me some of his bday gifts. He is still in Wisconsin with everyone. They are headed back tomorrow. He knows his gift from us and keeps begging me to tell him the color. Should I mention he called my 5 times yesterday and I wouldn't crack! He knows it a bike but that's all I am telling. I thought I would share some favorite pics of him.

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Mike at 12:30 was getting the "hurry ups" already. He said he wasn't nervous but I know he was. Heck I was to. Bryan was born by emerg. c-section at 1:27 and I remember Dr. Johnson's, "OH wow" when he was born. First time parents...panic...but it was because he was the first red head to be born at the hospital that year!


Friday, December 26, 2008


As I talked to the kids yesterday the first thing out of Paul's mouth was, "Mom...he found us! Santa really found us!" He was soooo worried being in Wisconsin that Santa wouldn't be able to find him. I told him I sent Santa an email so he knew that he was at the farm. His excitement put a smile on my face and I could tell he was having fun. Even Bryan & Morgan were talking so fast I had to ask them to slow down. Morgan was proud that Grandma let them open their Santa gifts even though Paul was still sleeping. They will be headed back to NE on Tuesday night. I am glad they are having fun and making a lot of memories spending time with their Grandparents and Aunts.
Sunday Bryan will be 9. That is hard to believe. Time sure has flown by. Just seems like yesterday we had this little red head that Mike was afraid he was going to drop. Now he runs circles around us all and keeps asking how much longer till baseball season starts!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Look at Dad's deer!!

Deer hunting at Grandma & Grandpa Littlefield's. Dad was proud, but we think we had more excitement!! What do you think?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I have one of these?


even Paul!
I am sure that's what was going through the kids mind when Dan showed them a youth bow...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


What a wonderful weekend (ha ha). The weather was perfect on Saturday. We baked cookies all day and the kids played outside. By about 3am Sunday the wind was blowing and it was down right COLD. We of course had a busy day planned with the church Christmas Program. It went well. Bryan piped up in the middle of the program with a, "Hey we are not ALL little children!" Which got the church laughing. We came home to open presents and just as I had told the kids there were no toys under the tree for them. At first there was a sad face or two but when they each opened their "big" box at the same time it was nuts. Morgan didn't believe there was a dvd player in the box. Yep, we got them each their own portable DVD player. This will come in handy when we drive to WI on Friday. This was also the reason why we had our Christmas on Sunday. I didn't feel like bringing all the gifts there and have to bring them back home again. Now that I think about it I said they didn't get any toys...but Morgan got a bath set that you can stick to the wall or float in the tub. Bryan got a solitare game, which he has had a blast with, (santa we might need more AAA batteries) and Paul got this basketball game that has some how found itself stuck to the oven door.

Looking forward to getting out my card today or tomorrow and reading more of yours as they arrive...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

So....I think the thought of Santa, Christmas and the 3 Christmas programs have put our kids in a great helping mood. Okay now that I have said that I have ruined the helping streak:P We got the tree decorated in record time AND they helped to put all the boxes away. They would like a tree of their own next year so I have made a deal...keep the toy room clean and I will put the artificial one up in there and the real one in the living room. We will see.
I am SO excited for the holiday's. Its one of my favorite times of the year. Paul told me on the way to school that not this night or the next day but the next day after that (saturday) we are baking cookies. There is a bunch of friends coming over and he told me his job is to taste them. Can you say an extra dose of medicine that day? We are going to have our Christmas on Sunday following the church program. Friday we leave for WI and I will fly back on the 22nd. Mike and the kids will stay till about the 30th. Morgan told me I am in charge of chores and I must call her after every new lamb is born. Right now we have 6 ewes that are getting close. One is as big as a small house.
The kids will have their school program on the 18th. Bryan has a speaking part and if I am smart enough I will figure out how to post it on this website for all to enjoy.

Merry Christmas:)

ps...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Logan Michael. He is the kids cousin and our Godson.