Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Geo Bee

We got the "official" letter last week. Bryan is a semi-finalist for the National Geographic Geo Bee! He will compete on April 1st. He was one of 100 students in grades 5-8 in the state of Nebraska. Not bad for a 5Th grader! His nose has been in books and maps and daily takes the NG test on their web page.

The kids chickens have started to lay eggs again. We are getting about a doz. 1/2 a day. The ducks are laying as well, so the kids are "taking" the eggs so they don't get sat on. I don't want anymore ducks!

All 3 will be in 4-H this year. Bryan has been working with his steer and this week he goes in to have his horns removed. Paul asked if his head would hurt and if so do we give him Tylenol?

I am ready to do some yard work, but know Mother Nature has at least 1 more snow in her. Today at 4am it was 63 but we will be in the low 40's for highs by the weekend. I went ahead and opened the windows in the house since they are saying mid 70's today. At the same time its going to be nice here...my sister and family are packing bags because the flood waters outside of Brookings is getting high.