Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Girl!

As soon as I can I will get new pics of Morgan's bday posted. Hard to believe that on November 4 she turned 7!! She had a great day and LOVED the cake that her Daddy made her. Mike awhile back had bought a lamb pan so Miss Morgan got a lamb cake with blue eyes and it was sitting on grass (green coconut). We asked where she wanted to go and she said burgers in Surprise. We met the Steagers and her cake was a hit with everyone at the bar.

She was VERY excited to get her fish tank from Mike & I and the boys got her clothes and a butterfly necklace. My Dad got her all the "furniture" as Morgan calls it for her tank and Mom got her fish. Grandma Morrison sent her $ and she was SO excited to get to buy this flavored chapstick set that came with a charm that attaces to her backpack.We will be celebrating her bday in WI with Mike's family next weekend.

Hope to post new pics soon...until then enjoy the music that is on the website.