Monday, December 29, 2008

Mars Birthday Cake

Grandma doesn't look to happy to have her picture taken! Here is Bryan with his cake from yesterday. They made a "Mars" cake. I think those are aliens on the cake. Bryan asked if I would make chocolate chip cookies so I will make them tomorrow night so they are fresh.

Bryan, Gareth & Logan
He loves the sounds that come from it!

On of my fav's of the 3 of them

SO proud of his new tractor!

He was 3 in this picture and had just got himself stuck in the mud

Bryan turns 9!

This past spring

Does it seem possible that our oldest is 9? He called me early yesterday morning to tell me some of his bday gifts. He is still in Wisconsin with everyone. They are headed back tomorrow. He knows his gift from us and keeps begging me to tell him the color. Should I mention he called my 5 times yesterday and I wouldn't crack! He knows it a bike but that's all I am telling. I thought I would share some favorite pics of him.

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Mike at 12:30 was getting the "hurry ups" already. He said he wasn't nervous but I know he was. Heck I was to. Bryan was born by emerg. c-section at 1:27 and I remember Dr. Johnson's, "OH wow" when he was born. First time parents...panic...but it was because he was the first red head to be born at the hospital that year!


Friday, December 26, 2008


As I talked to the kids yesterday the first thing out of Paul's mouth was, "Mom...he found us! Santa really found us!" He was soooo worried being in Wisconsin that Santa wouldn't be able to find him. I told him I sent Santa an email so he knew that he was at the farm. His excitement put a smile on my face and I could tell he was having fun. Even Bryan & Morgan were talking so fast I had to ask them to slow down. Morgan was proud that Grandma let them open their Santa gifts even though Paul was still sleeping. They will be headed back to NE on Tuesday night. I am glad they are having fun and making a lot of memories spending time with their Grandparents and Aunts.
Sunday Bryan will be 9. That is hard to believe. Time sure has flown by. Just seems like yesterday we had this little red head that Mike was afraid he was going to drop. Now he runs circles around us all and keeps asking how much longer till baseball season starts!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Look at Dad's deer!!

Deer hunting at Grandma & Grandpa Littlefield's. Dad was proud, but we think we had more excitement!! What do you think?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I have one of these?


even Paul!
I am sure that's what was going through the kids mind when Dan showed them a youth bow...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


What a wonderful weekend (ha ha). The weather was perfect on Saturday. We baked cookies all day and the kids played outside. By about 3am Sunday the wind was blowing and it was down right COLD. We of course had a busy day planned with the church Christmas Program. It went well. Bryan piped up in the middle of the program with a, "Hey we are not ALL little children!" Which got the church laughing. We came home to open presents and just as I had told the kids there were no toys under the tree for them. At first there was a sad face or two but when they each opened their "big" box at the same time it was nuts. Morgan didn't believe there was a dvd player in the box. Yep, we got them each their own portable DVD player. This will come in handy when we drive to WI on Friday. This was also the reason why we had our Christmas on Sunday. I didn't feel like bringing all the gifts there and have to bring them back home again. Now that I think about it I said they didn't get any toys...but Morgan got a bath set that you can stick to the wall or float in the tub. Bryan got a solitare game, which he has had a blast with, (santa we might need more AAA batteries) and Paul got this basketball game that has some how found itself stuck to the oven door.

Looking forward to getting out my card today or tomorrow and reading more of yours as they arrive...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

So....I think the thought of Santa, Christmas and the 3 Christmas programs have put our kids in a great helping mood. Okay now that I have said that I have ruined the helping streak:P We got the tree decorated in record time AND they helped to put all the boxes away. They would like a tree of their own next year so I have made a deal...keep the toy room clean and I will put the artificial one up in there and the real one in the living room. We will see.
I am SO excited for the holiday's. Its one of my favorite times of the year. Paul told me on the way to school that not this night or the next day but the next day after that (saturday) we are baking cookies. There is a bunch of friends coming over and he told me his job is to taste them. Can you say an extra dose of medicine that day? We are going to have our Christmas on Sunday following the church program. Friday we leave for WI and I will fly back on the 22nd. Mike and the kids will stay till about the 30th. Morgan told me I am in charge of chores and I must call her after every new lamb is born. Right now we have 6 ewes that are getting close. One is as big as a small house.
The kids will have their school program on the 18th. Bryan has a speaking part and if I am smart enough I will figure out how to post it on this website for all to enjoy.

Merry Christmas:)

ps...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Logan Michael. He is the kids cousin and our Godson.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Girl!

As soon as I can I will get new pics of Morgan's bday posted. Hard to believe that on November 4 she turned 7!! She had a great day and LOVED the cake that her Daddy made her. Mike awhile back had bought a lamb pan so Miss Morgan got a lamb cake with blue eyes and it was sitting on grass (green coconut). We asked where she wanted to go and she said burgers in Surprise. We met the Steagers and her cake was a hit with everyone at the bar.

She was VERY excited to get her fish tank from Mike & I and the boys got her clothes and a butterfly necklace. My Dad got her all the "furniture" as Morgan calls it for her tank and Mom got her fish. Grandma Morrison sent her $ and she was SO excited to get to buy this flavored chapstick set that came with a charm that attaces to her backpack.We will be celebrating her bday in WI with Mike's family next weekend.

Hope to post new pics soon...until then enjoy the music that is on the website.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Paul William
On a side note...he was SO excited that day because he got to wear his new "cowboy" clothes. Kathy...don't you see Logan in him? Have a great day...hope for sun tomorrow or we will be growing web feet like Morgan's ducks!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Morgan Rae
1st Grade

Bryan Mark
3rd Grade

I'm not scared anymore!

Those were the words that Paul used after he got to see a helicopter up close. For those that didn't know, last November Paul was taken to Children's Hospital-Minneapolis from Cumberland Hosptial in Wisconsin because of breathing problems (croup & rsv). Daddy got to go with him on the helicopter, I was in the airport in Chicago with the thought of going to dinner with Cricket and them to the farm for deer season. It seems in the last couple of months everytime a helicopter goes over our house (which is regular as we are the flight path for Lifeflight out of Lincoln) he freeks.

I called a former firefighter from Columbus who owns a few helicopters for medical and personal use and he said to bring him on by. THANK YOU to Kim Wolfe and Midwest Medical for spending all the time he did with Paul. Kim talked to him about how it works and how it may have been a fright last year but this year was the treat as he got to sit in it and "fly" it. Kim made sure he had a gift bag of a hat, t-shirt, pin, magnets and luggage tag's all with the helicopter on it.

Enjoy the pics...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Say Cheese (Wi cheese of course!)

Grandma & Grandpa Littlefield came to visit

Lets start with Friday. Grandma and Grandpa couldn't get here fast enough for the kids! They were VERY excited. I am glad they made the trip but at the same time I worried about Rod. I know the trip wore him out. But---its all the kids talked about that he DID make the trip. Morgan asked a lot of questions this weekend and I think she feels better getting to talk to Karen.

We started making our list of what we are going to get people for Christmas. I can tell you this they have come up with some great ideas!

We have tons of apples and a huge THANK YOU for bringing them from WI. Morgan & I plan to put some more in the freezer tonight. I need to find out how to make apple butter. She asked and I am clueless!

Enjoy the pictures


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1943 "3985" Train comes to Columbus

Bryan & Morgan had the chance to see a 1943 train as it came through Columbus yesterday. Here is the video link to the local newspaper. You can even see the kids a couple of times. They had a BLAST! At first neither one wanted to go but as soon as the train arrived they changed their minds!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorry its been so long...

FIRST...a big THANK YOU to my sister Kathy. She is so smart on changing the backgrounds:) Thanks Kat!!

Well where to start:

Bryan: He is loving school and is excited to have Wisconsin as his class report. He doesn't give his report till December 1st so he is thinking of bringing something back from WI when we come back from deer season. He was busy this weekend cleaning out the grain bin as soon Tom (our neighbor) will be hauling grain to it.

Morgan: She deceided that since it was the last weekend of summer that swimming was on tap for her and Paul. They dragged out the pool and spent most of the weekend in it...yep forgot to get pictures! She was a bit upset we sold one of the rams, but I explained we can't keep all the animals. She is exceling in dance and this year has added tap. She has such natural grace (unlike her mother who STILL can trip over sunlight through an open window)

Paul: He is a BIG BOY now. With pre-school and everything there isn't a thing he can't do. He told me this weekend he was to big for naps. Well last night as I tucked him in he said to me, "I might need a nap with Dad tomorrow, or I will get crabby and tired or worse exhausted!" I tried not to laugh. A big word for a little kid but he know the meaning of it!

This week is TACKLE THE TOY ROOM WEEK!!!! Rod & Karen will be here on Friday and I want it very clean for Rod. He is doing great, sounded a bit tired but this upcoming week is a chemo free week so his strength will be back for the weekend. Just hope the kids don't zap it:)

Love to all!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of Pre-school

Hard to believe that Paul is ready for pre-school! You will notice from the window that this is the same spot Bryan & Morgan stand on the first day of school. I went to Gina's to pick him up and he had fallen asleep. He wasn't all to excited about going to school, he wanted a nap. (which both Gina & I agreed was strange, as it usually takes him a bit to settle down) Once we got to school and he saw some of the kids he seemed to relax. Wow 3 kids in school!

Morgan shows at Ne State Fair

We had another successful year at the Nebraska State Fair! Here is Morgan with her spring ewe lamb. She didn't place as high as I would have liked, belly wool up the side, but she will make a good ewe for our flock. Also the other picture is "sheep Morgan" She was being funny checking out the blocking stand!

Getting ready for the fair

Paul wanted to help get ready for the state fair. Here is a picture of the triplet spring ewe lamb Mike got from SDSU. I see a future sheep shower in the family!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

General Mills Picnic

One of the highlights of summer for the kids is the General Mills Family Picnic with Aunt Karalyn. It was postponed one day to to rain but even a day later the kids had a blast...thanks Karalyn!

Pictured is Mike with Paul on his shoulders, Karalyn, Bryan, friend Andrew (not sure where Nick is at) and Morgan. I asked what their favorite part was and was told everything. Paul even talked on and on how Daddy had to walk to get the van because they were "slow pokes" and didn't get on the shuttle in time:)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Paul's tractor

Paul figured out how to use Mike's jack and had to "work" on his tractor. He was pretty excited. Guess it had to have new oil and fix a broken least that's what he told me:)
He starts school next week...

FINALLY Bryan's picture...he thought he was "TO OLD" to have his picture taken. See this is the window and daycare and every year since he started school his picture gets taken under this window...
Bryan's picture coming won't let me post other pics at the moment...

Back to school

Its official...we have a 3rd and 1st grader in the house! School started today-they get out at noon and I am thinking of taking them to a special lunch. Morgan looks so small in her desk. Bryan was happy to be back with friends. Morgan has Mrs. Morton (Bryan's 1st grade teacher) and Bryan has Mrs. Chohon (his Pre-K teacher) He was SOOOO excited to find out that she was his teacher.

Bring on the homework and all the fun projects. I am ready!

Have a website I wanted to share its a personal planner that will email or text you reminders. I love the site!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Paul's head

Paul is going to be like his Mom...trip over sunlight through an open window. I got a call last Friday that they were at the Dr. getting stiches in Paul's head. He had some how fallen off the bed at Grandma & Grandpa Littlefield's at hit his head.

Last night we took off the bandage to have him beg to put it back on. I asked him why and he said, "Then my fingers don't itch it." So I found him a bandage. This afternoon we go to see Dr. Rosenquist to have him take them out. Bryan told him it only hurts for a moment and then he can have a treat...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kids are is WAY TO QUIET

Wanted you to see that even "Darth Vader" was small once:)

Mike & the kids are in Wisconsin till the 13. Man is the house quiet. Plan to tackle their bedrooms this weekend. Go through clothes, look at uniform shirt and rewash them. One of the St. Bon's Mom's gave me a great tip on cleaning them so will give it a try. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

School...almost here!

Okay I will stop chearing! Actually the kids are excited about school starting.

School supplies have been bought, backpacks are already packed and then came a big bag in the mail...Bryan looked at me and said, "Let me guess, UNIFORMS!" I said with a grin yep! He has shot up so much that 8's are short but fit in the waist. 10's are just right, but big in the waist and I got 10 slims. At least 3 of his new pair have the inside elastic so that will help.

Bryan & Morgan go back to school on the 18th and Paul goes back the 28th. Yep, Paul is in PRESCHOOL. Now that one is a hard one to swallow. He was so excited to get a new backpack that he has a spot to hang it and that his brother and sister will be picking him up after school. He thinks he is all that!

Mike & the kids will head back to Wisconsin on the 2nd and plan to return on the 13th. The 12th is the big picnic at General Mills and they are real excited about that one! What will I do with all that alone time? Two books I would like to get read and I plan to organize a few bedrooms before school starts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bryan's surprise

Bryan opened the Sunday paper and was shocked to see this...

He was pretty excited...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So serious

Here is Bryan interviewing with his calf. He had to explain to the judge everything he did up until fair and then his post-fair plans.

Thank you Aunt Karalyn for taking pictures!

Obsticle Course with Midnight.

Reserve and Grand Champion photo

Bryan is so proud! (So is Mom & Dad!)

Bryan's Grand Champion pictures

Like the chocolate on his shirt? Got to love it...still trying to get the stain out since its a school uniform shirt:P

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bryan still on cloud 9!

Well the Platte County Fair is over for another year and the biggest surprise of the fair came on Friday night. I first need to thank you for all the well wishes that were sent to the kids. They loved it. Second we made it through the beef show it was VERY warm and I felt for those kids working their animals in the heat.

Bryan showed his bucket calf "Midnight". He did great during the interview portion (from what we could see). The kids would walk their calf to the judge, set it up and then answer questions. Of course as Bryan approached the judge the darn train goes by and hits the horn. Funny thing is there is no crossing at that spot. I think they just do it because the fair is going on. Anyways Bryan tells the judge excuse me, walks his calf in a big circle, comes back and then explains his calf doesn't like the trains all to well. The obstacle course is their version of showmanship with the calf. Midnight did great till the bridge and then he was done. Bryan kept his cool the entire time and tried and tried to get the calf to go over the bridge. NO GO. He also fought to get him in the trailer but the calf wanted nothing to do with it. Other wise he did good. There ended up being 27 bucket calves so it was a long interview and obstacle course competition. I had to leave after he finished as the station was hosting a concert. I left as soon as the concert started only to miss the awards...THANK YOU to my Sister-in-law Karalyn and her friend Karalina for being there to see his excitement and shock...

He couldn't believe it. He made me cry when he said, "Mom I am glad I listened to you and wrote neat on my poster!" He was so excited and still is. Sunday brought the livestock sale and Bryan sold his pen of 3 birds. We are still unsure as to who the buyer was and will have to wait until Tuesday when the Extension office opens up. We told him that 1/2 of what he made had to go in his savings. Neither Mike or I knew how much the birds would bring. Lets just say next time he sells 3/4 will go in savings...
Morgan had a great show and her birds would have had a blue had she not been a Clover Kid. She can't wait to be going into 3rd grade when she can show for "real" as she put it.
All in all the kids had a great fair. Bryan is off to football camp the rest of the week and Morgan and Paul are at Gina's today. Tomorrow Morgan & Mike take 64 birds to Brainard to be processed. All but 9 are ours SO if anyone wants birds just let me know:)
Have a great Monday and pictures will be coming soon. Karalyn took the pics during the show...THANK YOU.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now for Bryan

He also showed his pen of 3 broilers. He decided not to do showmanship for the birds because he is going to do showmanship with his bucket calf. I didn't get a chance to watch them show their broilers as I had to go back to work. He walked into my office and said, "I am done showing and (the grin started) got a PURPLE!!!!". This now means that Bryan gets to sell his 3 birds during the auction on Sunday. This is his first year as a full-fledged 4-Her and he is on cloud 9. I had to explain that he might not do that well every year but he said he didn't care he was just excited for this year.

I will post fair pics hopefully tomorrow.


Words can't not explain the pride both Mike & I felt today as our kids showed their birds in 4-H at the county fair.

First will start with Miss Morgan. She showed her ducks and found out one was a girl...she was VERY excited about that. During showmanship the duck bit her finger. She wasn't very happy about that but handled it well. She also showed her pen of 3 broilers. Because she is a clover kid she gets participation ribbons but she didn't care. Her's were rainbows!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To all:

Soon it will be the fourth of July with time off, spent with those we care about. I am writing to ask you to take 30 seconds and send a note to some people who will not be home for the fourth enjoying watermelon, and watching fireworks from the comfort of a lawn chair. I am not interested in your political persuasions, not am I interested in how you feel about the war in IRAQ, but I do care about the people who are there. Please go to and send a note to a soldier who will not be home for the fourth of July. It is easy, kids designed them (pick one) and someone else wrote the words ( if you want to use those words), or write your own. Then Click.

We have friends that are in Iraq right now and I am sure you do too, this only takes a few moments to do and the kids have sent theirs...won't you?

Thank you for reading, and thanks again for sending a note.

Happy Fourth of July, and Let true Freedom Ring

Monday, June 30, 2008

Some more fair projects

Here is Morgan with her chickens and ducks

FAIR TIME...almost here!

Hard to believe a week from Wednesday the kids will be headed to the fair! I have attached a few pictures of how their projects are going. Bryan worked with his calf last night only to have the calf almost run up his back. Not sure how it happened, but was Bryan ticked. Mike made him stay in the pen and continue to work with him which was a good thing. I told him the calf was trying to be boss and Bryan proved him wrong!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Play duck duck goose

As I sit here typing I am laughing and so is Rod. Paul has asked Aunt Ardala to play duck goose. After a few moments she figured it was duck duck goose. She played the game with such joy as Paul said "You have to say the words." So she did and then he said, "You said goose you have to run so I can catch you!"

Morgan is having fun making butterflys for Rod. Someplace she said she heard they ment good luck.

Bryan right now is avoiding the tub! He has found things he must do outside...but soon he must come in. Which he just did and said "NO BATH" so much for the Science Museum if he isn't clean. Who would ever thing an 8 year old could wine so much. Just asked if he wanted cheese with his wine. He didn't find that funny!

Off to put a stinky kid in the TUB!! He wants to work on his 4-H rocket, which is fine but BATH FIRST!! (he is reading this over my shoulder)

Journey Back to Wisconsin

The journey back home has been bitter sweet. We left our farm in Surprise for the trip back to Mike's homeplace in Wisconsin. Three kids and a weeks worth of luggage including play clothes and nice clothes packed into the minivan and off we went.

This journey would bring us through flooded fields and dry fields as we traveld from Nebraska through Iowa and Minnesota. As we got closer to Wisconsin I could feel the nervousness of Mike.

See his Dad, Rod has cancer. A strong farmer who for so many years has been not only the piller of this family but one who is on top of the latest information in no-till farming and the need for rotational grazing.

In the two months since I have seen Rod, this strong body has been taken over with the side effects of chemo and the need to sleep a lot. Its hard to explain to our three year old Paul that Grandpa can't go on walks to show him the corn growing or to explain to our 8 year old that this certain weed, if left untreated, will take over the field.

Today, a Monday, I saw the gleam in his eye as he talked about his fields and this years crops. But that gleam was bigger as his three grandkids want to show him 4-H projects or just curl up on the bed moved into the living room for his convience.

We are here for a week to help with stuff around the farm. Yes I do miss being on the air this week, but I am enjoying spending some much needed time with my in-laws and helping to build on some memories I can help my kids recall as they get older.

Friday, June 6, 2008

storm damage

Check out our Mom's is on our page of her diary of the storm and tornado she saw...real close~

Monday, June 2, 2008

Paul! Finally a day that it didn't rain, the kids played and went swimming in the pool after Morgan cleaned it out. All the rain we had gotten had turned their pool green.

Morgan. She was so funny...she said, "Hey you can't see my bikini!"