Monday, June 30, 2008

Some more fair projects

Here is Morgan with her chickens and ducks

FAIR TIME...almost here!

Hard to believe a week from Wednesday the kids will be headed to the fair! I have attached a few pictures of how their projects are going. Bryan worked with his calf last night only to have the calf almost run up his back. Not sure how it happened, but was Bryan ticked. Mike made him stay in the pen and continue to work with him which was a good thing. I told him the calf was trying to be boss and Bryan proved him wrong!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Play duck duck goose

As I sit here typing I am laughing and so is Rod. Paul has asked Aunt Ardala to play duck goose. After a few moments she figured it was duck duck goose. She played the game with such joy as Paul said "You have to say the words." So she did and then he said, "You said goose you have to run so I can catch you!"

Morgan is having fun making butterflys for Rod. Someplace she said she heard they ment good luck.

Bryan right now is avoiding the tub! He has found things he must do outside...but soon he must come in. Which he just did and said "NO BATH" so much for the Science Museum if he isn't clean. Who would ever thing an 8 year old could wine so much. Just asked if he wanted cheese with his wine. He didn't find that funny!

Off to put a stinky kid in the TUB!! He wants to work on his 4-H rocket, which is fine but BATH FIRST!! (he is reading this over my shoulder)

Journey Back to Wisconsin

The journey back home has been bitter sweet. We left our farm in Surprise for the trip back to Mike's homeplace in Wisconsin. Three kids and a weeks worth of luggage including play clothes and nice clothes packed into the minivan and off we went.

This journey would bring us through flooded fields and dry fields as we traveld from Nebraska through Iowa and Minnesota. As we got closer to Wisconsin I could feel the nervousness of Mike.

See his Dad, Rod has cancer. A strong farmer who for so many years has been not only the piller of this family but one who is on top of the latest information in no-till farming and the need for rotational grazing.

In the two months since I have seen Rod, this strong body has been taken over with the side effects of chemo and the need to sleep a lot. Its hard to explain to our three year old Paul that Grandpa can't go on walks to show him the corn growing or to explain to our 8 year old that this certain weed, if left untreated, will take over the field.

Today, a Monday, I saw the gleam in his eye as he talked about his fields and this years crops. But that gleam was bigger as his three grandkids want to show him 4-H projects or just curl up on the bed moved into the living room for his convience.

We are here for a week to help with stuff around the farm. Yes I do miss being on the air this week, but I am enjoying spending some much needed time with my in-laws and helping to build on some memories I can help my kids recall as they get older.

Friday, June 6, 2008

storm damage

Check out our Mom's is on our page of her diary of the storm and tornado she saw...real close~

Monday, June 2, 2008

Paul! Finally a day that it didn't rain, the kids played and went swimming in the pool after Morgan cleaned it out. All the rain we had gotten had turned their pool green.

Morgan. She was so funny...she said, "Hey you can't see my bikini!"

Pictures of the three kids...