Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quiet morning

OKAY LORI, MOM & KATHY...I am sitting down to write for a minute :P

Thank God for calendars! That's how nuts its been since Jan 1. Except for an old cartoon on the TV in the living room, its very quiet in the house. Which it should be since its not even 6am. Bryan left me strong instructions I was to wake him before I leave for the airport and he is already awake...hence the cartoons. Which is something Bryan doesn't usually watch. He is more a History Channel or Discovery Channel kid.

I leave this morning for Alabama and the United Soybean Board meeting. I am looking forward to catching up with some of the Nebraska soybean guys during the trip. We were supposed to have snow all weekend, but still none has fallen, which is fine with me.

This week Dad is in charge, so I bought some fast breakfast foods, since I feel a struggle with the kids getting up this week. They are so used to getting up at 4:45, jumping in the van and going to Gina's. Sleeping in till 6:30 might throw them off a bit. I will be back late Wednesday night, only to leave on Thursday for the Nebraska State Dairy Convention.

For those that are following I am down another 4#. I have my gym clothes packed in my suitcase and will work out either before morning meetings or at night-whatever fits the schedule the best.

Our house got hit by a skunk Friday night...what a mess! I should say STINK. Well the darn thing sprayed the barn as well. Last night I was telling Mike about the barn when I remembered I had left the door open for the ewes/lambs. We went to close it when Blue Collar, our big sheep guard dog, attacks what I thought was our black cat. But this one had a STRIPE. He shook it so hard and tossed it Mike figured its back was broke. We both took off out of that barn not wanting to get sprayed. I will leave the skunk check up to Mike later today :)

Well I better get ready its almost 6am and I hear Paul asking, "where is my Mommy". Plan to be on the road in about an hour. Call me Lori this week and remember I will be thinking of you guys tomorrow.

Mom-safe travels to England. See you when you get back.