Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

WOW...remember me?

Okay so I haven't been good about this. Guess I should take time once and awhile.

Kids are doing great so here is an update:

BRYAN: LOVES 4th grade-a lot more work but still has a lot of fun and loves his teacher Mrs. Foltz. I think he is ready for baseball season to arrive. He has been a big help on the farm doing chores and helping out where needed. His latest addiction...TOP GUN. Wants to be Mavrick for halloween. Anyone have a spare costume? He said when he gets older he wants to join the Navy.

MORGAN: Is excited for 2nd grade and really enjoys school. She has 1st Communion this year (March 21). We found the pattern for her dress and my Mom is going to make it. 3rd year of dance has started and she can't get enough. I know she wishes it was more than 1 day a week.

PAUL: He is in pre-k and has already learned so much. He can't wait for kindergarten to start (but I can). He is in Wisconsin right now with Mike so its been quiet. I miss those imprompt hugs I get. (hey Bryan come hug your Mom) Paul loves to be outside and would be 24 hours a day but his Mom & Dad make him do stuff like eat, take baths and go to bed. He can't wait for Tom to combine behind our barn as he said he will be in the combine with him :)

Hope all is well with you...