Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of Pre-school

Hard to believe that Paul is ready for pre-school! You will notice from the window that this is the same spot Bryan & Morgan stand on the first day of school. I went to Gina's to pick him up and he had fallen asleep. He wasn't all to excited about going to school, he wanted a nap. (which both Gina & I agreed was strange, as it usually takes him a bit to settle down) Once we got to school and he saw some of the kids he seemed to relax. Wow 3 kids in school!


Mom of 3 boys said...

Glad Paul had a first good day, his birthday buddy Owen didn't do well at all. I'm laughing at the second picture, the face Paul is making is the same face Owen makes ALL the time. I hope you have a good year with all 3 in, I'm feeling it with you with all 3 of mine in.

Kathy Lesnar said...

Hard to believe he is that old already!! Guess I will be in the same boat next year with Grace.