Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Littlefield came to visit

Lets start with Friday. Grandma and Grandpa couldn't get here fast enough for the kids! They were VERY excited. I am glad they made the trip but at the same time I worried about Rod. I know the trip wore him out. But---its all the kids talked about that he DID make the trip. Morgan asked a lot of questions this weekend and I think she feels better getting to talk to Karen.

We started making our list of what we are going to get people for Christmas. I can tell you this they have come up with some great ideas!

We have tons of apples and a huge THANK YOU for bringing them from WI. Morgan & I plan to put some more in the freezer tonight. I need to find out how to make apple butter. She asked and I am clueless!

Enjoy the pictures


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