Thursday, February 9, 2012

Missing Rod

Paul & I were talking tonight about things he remembers about Rod. He said he was worried that he is going to forget things about him. I said that's why we can spend time talking about him.

As I was getting ready to cook dinner tonight I opened the fridge and had a head of cabbage hit my foot. I laughed and said OKAY I'll make fried cabbage to go along with dinner. I loved how Rod would cook it until the bottom of the pan got brown.

Ardala was able to make it here last Friday ahead of the storm. We ended up with about 15". Bryan's "Sing Around Nebraska" was postponed until March 3. He did have his band concert on Monday night and that was a lot of fun as the band kids host a dinner ahead of time. Karen & Karalyn were not able to make it due to the storm.

Tomorrow I head to Lincoln to speak at the Ne Farm Bureau Legislative Conference about the ways producers can step out from behind the gate and talk about their farms and ranches.

Morgan has been busy with dance and is looking forward to her dance recital May 5th. This year is flying by for her and hard to believe another dance year will soon be coming to an end.

Mr. Paul told us he wants at least 50 more pigs as his first one leaves for the butcher later this month. He has really enjoyed raising him.

Off to help with homework...

Till later...see ya!

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Mary D said...

thank you for the beautiful updates.I enjoyed them