Monday, June 16, 2008

Play duck duck goose

As I sit here typing I am laughing and so is Rod. Paul has asked Aunt Ardala to play duck goose. After a few moments she figured it was duck duck goose. She played the game with such joy as Paul said "You have to say the words." So she did and then he said, "You said goose you have to run so I can catch you!"

Morgan is having fun making butterflys for Rod. Someplace she said she heard they ment good luck.

Bryan right now is avoiding the tub! He has found things he must do outside...but soon he must come in. Which he just did and said "NO BATH" so much for the Science Museum if he isn't clean. Who would ever thing an 8 year old could wine so much. Just asked if he wanted cheese with his wine. He didn't find that funny!

Off to put a stinky kid in the TUB!! He wants to work on his 4-H rocket, which is fine but BATH FIRST!! (he is reading this over my shoulder)

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