Tuesday, July 29, 2008

School...almost here!

Okay I will stop chearing! Actually the kids are excited about school starting.

School supplies have been bought, backpacks are already packed and then came a big bag in the mail...Bryan looked at me and said, "Let me guess, UNIFORMS!" I said with a grin yep! He has shot up so much that 8's are short but fit in the waist. 10's are just right, but big in the waist and I got 10 slims. At least 3 of his new pair have the inside elastic so that will help.

Bryan & Morgan go back to school on the 18th and Paul goes back the 28th. Yep, Paul is in PRESCHOOL. Now that one is a hard one to swallow. He was so excited to get a new backpack that he has a spot to hang it and that his brother and sister will be picking him up after school. He thinks he is all that!

Mike & the kids will head back to Wisconsin on the 2nd and plan to return on the 13th. The 12th is the big picnic at General Mills and they are real excited about that one! What will I do with all that alone time? Two books I would like to get read and I plan to organize a few bedrooms before school starts.

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