Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To all:

Soon it will be the fourth of July with time off, spent with those we care about. I am writing to ask you to take 30 seconds and send a note to some people who will not be home for the fourth enjoying watermelon, and watching fireworks from the comfort of a lawn chair. I am not interested in your political persuasions, not am I interested in how you feel about the war in IRAQ, but I do care about the people who are there. Please go to www.LetsSayThanks.com and send a note to a soldier who will not be home for the fourth of July. It is easy, kids designed them (pick one) and someone else wrote the words ( if you want to use those words), or write your own. Then Click.

We have friends that are in Iraq right now and I am sure you do too, this only takes a few moments to do and the kids have sent theirs...won't you?

Thank you for reading, and thanks again for sending a note.

Happy Fourth of July, and Let true Freedom Ring

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