Thursday, March 1, 2012


So while I am in Nashville at Commodity Classic hubby is holding down the fort. Miss Morgan called me all excited this morning that they collected 6 1\2 dozen eggs from the coop. For them this has been a learning experience. Not only from the financial rewards but from the care and maintance of the hens. If I ever thought I would be typing about hen attitude I would have denied it but I have noticed that they like their routine and they like when you clean and refill their water at dusk and leave the light on while chores are done, then to come back and shut the light off. The kids have learned to wash and package the eggs and how to market. Oh love the farm life.

Bryan will sing on Saturday with the group for "Sing Around Nebraska". He is looking forward to it and getting the chance to meet with kids from around the area.

Well back to working on markets and some interviews here at classic...

2 comments: said...

I soooooooo want to keep chickens for those same reasons, but our township won't allow it. Something about not keeping fowl. And yet, there are about 30 wild ducks that wander around our neighborhood. Argh.

Maybe I could try one or two "secret chickens" and bribe my neighbors with eggs so they won't tell. :-)

Mary D said...

Wish I could convince someone here that chickens are not that much work.