Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday night

Where does one go on a Friday night In a farming community? The local bar of course. For us it's the Eagles Nest in Surprise. Not only is the food amazing the staff knows your eating habits! Tonight is fish night and for Paul drummies. Food he can eat sometimes is hard to come by, it can not contain soybeans or milk. John knows Paul and always has drummies on hand! Tonight since the kids fed livestock and collected eggs without asking I let them order appetizers. The picture is of Morgan eating a chicken mini taco while watching a movie.

The other thing I like is the fact that it's where the neighborhood gathers. I get ribbed about the market prices at the same time catching up on the latest with the "hood". Each family seems to bounce from table to table talking until they find there spot for the duration.

Cindy is so on top of it she has the kids sodas out before they even sit down.

Tonight we are without Mike as he is on the road shearing about 400 sheep in the northern part of the state. For the kids this might mean Mom will be a softy and let them stay up later and watch a few movies. Paul I do t tho k will make it. His tummy is bothering him and he is half asleep on my lap. I have a feeling he will be in bed with me before the night is over.

Here comes our meal. Catfish for Morgan, cod for me and a burger for Bryan. Paul says its mini chicken legs for him.

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