Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home and this group of piggies found there way to our home...okay not how the rhyme goes but we did bring 5 15# pigs home for Paul to raise. He is beyond excited to have this new chore and said he is a "Real Pork Producer!"

We found it interesting that Blue Collar (our sheep guard dog) was like this father to the pigs as we moved them from the truck to their new pen. Where ever he went the pigs seemed to follow. They would all freeze in place, then one would make a few noises and they would all start moving again.

Paul has taken a lot of pride into raising them and one I know has friended Paul enough that he can touch his back with no squeels. He said he is getting practice ahead of getting to be a real 4H member that will take pigs to the fair to show!

The best part of it all? He is learning that to raise a good product it takes work, patience and a lot of care and in the end there will be a good food product that will feed many families.

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Mary D said...

I would like to order a finished ready to market pig. Will the money raised from the sale of the pig to go your college fund?