Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

So....I think the thought of Santa, Christmas and the 3 Christmas programs have put our kids in a great helping mood. Okay now that I have said that I have ruined the helping streak:P We got the tree decorated in record time AND they helped to put all the boxes away. They would like a tree of their own next year so I have made a deal...keep the toy room clean and I will put the artificial one up in there and the real one in the living room. We will see.
I am SO excited for the holiday's. Its one of my favorite times of the year. Paul told me on the way to school that not this night or the next day but the next day after that (saturday) we are baking cookies. There is a bunch of friends coming over and he told me his job is to taste them. Can you say an extra dose of medicine that day? We are going to have our Christmas on Sunday following the church program. Friday we leave for WI and I will fly back on the 22nd. Mike and the kids will stay till about the 30th. Morgan told me I am in charge of chores and I must call her after every new lamb is born. Right now we have 6 ewes that are getting close. One is as big as a small house.
The kids will have their school program on the 18th. Bryan has a speaking part and if I am smart enough I will figure out how to post it on this website for all to enjoy.

Merry Christmas:)

ps...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Logan Michael. He is the kids cousin and our Godson.

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